NanoTCAD ViDES on raspberry pi!

Successful compiling of NanoTCAD ViDES on raspberry pi with raspbian wheezy OS!

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PhD and Postdoc position avaliable

At the University of Pisa we are opening three positions  at the PhD and PostDoc level for the following topics:
1. Ab-initio simulation of graphene-based nanostructures

The activity will consist in understanding the physics at the atomic level of graphene based systems, through
the exploitation of quantum chemistry code. Qualified candidates must have good expertise with
DFT/ab-initio codes, preferably Quantum Espresso.
2. Quantum transport in graphene-based devices 
The focus is understanding the potential of new concept of graphene based devices, in order
to assess the performance against next generation transistors requirements. During this activity,
the candidate will extensively use and develop models for the quantum simulator NanoTCAD ViDES.
For this position, candidates must have a strong background in device physics and
show good programming skills (C, Fortran and Python).

Expressions of interest with attached detailed CV should be sent by Sept. 1 to both email addresses indicated below:

Gianluca Fiori
University of Pisa
Giuseppe Iannaccone
University of Pisa
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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are now available  in the tutorial session, in order to get a quick-start with NanoTCAD ViDES

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Release of the hexagonal BN/graphene module

In the pubblication section, beside the “Lateral graphene-hBCN heterostructures as a platform for fully two-dimensional transistors “ article reference, you can find the script used to generate results together with Figures and raw data

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Release of the new version of the code!

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