Tutorial 18: Silicene Nanoribbon

In this tutorial, we will show how to simulate Silicene nanoribbon, using the class NR_silicene. Actually, such a class is really similar to the graphene nanoribbon class (have a look at it to have further information). As input it requires the number of atoms along the transversal direction and the length of the nanoribbon.


In the following the complete script. Please download in the same directory where you run the script the file module_NR_silicene.txt (which has to be renamed as module_NR_silicene.py). Both the script and the module can be found at the end of the page.

The simulated device has the structure depicted in the Figure below (actually the script has been generated and then modified, starting from the Graphene Nanoribbon Input I/V script by the vIDEs GUI)


The script compute the transfer characteristics of the Silicene Nanoribbon for VDS=0.3 V, for 0V<=VGS<1.0 V.

Here the script [link] and here the module [link]





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