Synopsys: grid1D(xg,[xC])

xg are the points of the discretized grid along the x  axis. xC is optional, 
and correspond to the x coordinates of the atoms to be included in the 1D domain.
In particular, when specified, xC, grid1D impose a grid point in correspondence of such coordinates.

grid1D is a NanoTCAD ViDES class devoted to the definition of the discretized one-dimensional domain.
In particular, it deals with non-uniform rectangular grids, and with all the relevant quantities needed to discretized the 1D Poisson equation within the box-integration method.

The attribute of grid2D instance are the following:

  • nx : (int) number of grid points along the x axis
  • Np : (int) total number of grid points: Np=nx*ny
  • x1D : (array of double, dimension Np) x coordinates of each grid point, ordered as above
  • surf : (array of double, dimension [Np]) surface of the Voronoi cell.
  • dist : (matrix of double, dimension [Np][4]) vector of the dli distances between point l and i.
  • gridx : (array of double, dimension nx)  points discretized along the x axis. If xC is not specifies, gridx=xg
  • swap : (array of double; dimension Np) the array needed to map the points belonging to the 1D grid to points belonging to the material where the NEGF equation is solved.
  • xmin : (double) minimum of the x-coordinate
  • xmax : (double) maximum of the x-coordinate

Look at the tutorial for an understanding of this command.

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