Synopsys: solve_schroedinger_1D(QM1D class)

solve_schroedinger_1D is the NanoTCAD ViDES function to compute the one-dimensional Schroedinger equation within the effective mass approximation.

The conduction band is passed through the other two quantities, i.e. the intrinsic Fermi level Ei and the energy bandgap Egap as follows:



In particular, the main field to be passed though the class QM1D are the following:

  • nx (int): number of grid points along the x direction.
  • ny (int): to be set to 1 (needed for further implementation). 
  • Neig (int): number of eigenvalues to be computed.
  • Ei (array of double of length nx): intrinsic Fermi Level in correspondence of each grid point.
  • Egap (array of double of length nx): energy band-gap in correspondence of each grid point.
  • x (array of double of length nx): discretized grid along the x direction.
  • mass (array of double of length nx): relative effective mass in correspondence of each grid point.

As output, it provides the computed eigenvalues end eigenvectors, stored in the field Psi and eig of the QM1D class.





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